Profile Pic.jpgWelcome to my official blog and update site. This will be your best source of information regarding upcoming events, book updates, and random information.

Now for about me. Obviously, I’m amazing, just as all of you are. I’m currently 30 years old. I am married and have two noisy children whom I love very much. I started writing in 2005 but never really got past the first outlines of books. Over the years it had remained in the back of my mind of these worlds I wanted to create and share. Not all of you will like them. Some might love them but I hope for each group we can use it as a glance into another place. Long after leaving the military, I was finally pushed by my wife and loss of sleep, to write Ellipsis. It was an amazing experience, I sat in front of the computer and the first draft just flowed out of me. Then… I was able to sleep soundly again. Well at least until book two needed to be written. I hope you all find my books enjoyable, just as I had an amazing time writing them. See you in the future!

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